The best way to predict your future is to create it.

-Abraham Lincoln

Ever since I was a child, I learned about the power of manifesting your dreams through visual aids. I would draw pictures of what I wanted to buy with my allowance, and tape it to my allowance jar.

Since then, I’ve created dream boards, and countless vision boards. It’s been such a magical experience seeing not only these dreams manifest themselves before my eyes, but also how the process has taught me about myself. I’ve learned what I value, love, and believe about myself through vision boards.

I wanted to bring the power of these tools to others, so created what I refer to as a DREAMshop. I don’t call it a workshop, because who wants to work? We all want to DREAM!

I’ve created a fun and very interactive DREAMshop that’s relaxed and comfortable. We have fun, dream together, grow relationships, laugh, and grow. Personal growth is a giant result of these DREAMshops. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Vision boards have changed my life, and the lives of many people around me. Even if you’ve never created one before, that’s ok! I’m here to walk you through the process. All you need to do is bring your willingness to have fun and grow!

“I don’t know what my dreams are.” I’ve heard that before. DON’T WORRY! We will cover everything in the DREAMshop!! 😊

To inquire about a DREAMshop at your home, organization, or event, click here!