Love Yourself First

When's the last time you gave a gift to yourself?

If you're anything like me, you have a little party in your head when you get another checkmark on your to-do list, and the hardest word in the English language for you to internalize is the word "no." If someone asks for your help, in true Superman (or Superwoman) form, you figure out a way to rearrange and juggle your life to help them out. This is noble and wonderful. I applaud the over-achiever. Hats (all 37 of them) off to YOU! However, how often do you say "yes" to yourself? What is your current level of self-care? This could mean anything from buying yourself a "prize" (as I like to call it), to a bubble bath, or even doing something you love, but don't get to do often. My language of love is gifts, so this morning I went to the grocery store (life hack spoiler alert!), and found dozens upon dozens of post-Mother's Day roses on sale for $1.99/dozen! (Finish reading this email before you hop in your car and race to the store!!!) In true Kimberly form, I bought 6 dozen roses, and created a little arrangement for myself. The rest of them (as seen in the picture) - I plan to leave on people's windshields all day long. A little "surprise from a stranger." If I hadn't bought them for myself, I wouldn't have any to give away. You cannot give from an empty vase. Before you say "yes" next time to someone's request, look at your own "vase." Is it empty? If it is, what are you going to do to fill it before you make another commitment? Until next week, "treat yo'self" and stay rosy!! :) - Kimberly Faith

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