What's the most natural YOU?

Authenticity seems so simple, right?

I like to pride myself on being authentic 100% of the time. But, in the spirit of being authentic (haha), I realized that I'm NOT always true to myself. (If that makes any sense at all!) I think if you look closely, you'd agree that we all fall short of this from time to time. It's easy to do. You hang out with people you enjoy, and try and convince yourself that you like the same things as they do (when the reality is, you don't). "Sure! Of course I'll go to this Greek restaurant with you! It'll be awesome!" ...Deep down I'm cringing because the thought of crumbled cheese and olives makes me want to puke. It reminds me of the "wicked step-sisters" in Cinderella. They try and shove their big 'ole feet into the glass slipper that doesn't fit. I'll admit that sometimes I AM that wicked step-sister (although I hope I'm not wicked!) trying to fit myself into something that's not designed to fit me. When I do this, it's never from a malicious or fake intent. It's always from a pure heart, because I want to be the easy-going, open-minded friend that's willing to compromise, not the hard-ass difficult jerk. However, by constantly dying to self, we tend to lose ourselves in the process. This past Memorial Day, I spent the whole day with some of my closest girlfriends. We acted like children, played with GIANT inflatable pool toys, ate junk food, had both deep and silly conversations, and took ridiculous pictures (thank you Boomerang!). It was the best day I've had in months! There were no rules, no expectations, and no frills. I felt so ALIVE, and so,.... KIMBERLY! After this amazing day, I got thinking... "THIS is who you are Kim! Don't you want more of this? What changes in life need to be made to accomplish this state of being every day? " I am now making a conscious effort of being more authentic, even if that means people don't want to be around me. At least I'm at peace with myself. And out of self-love, I owe it to myself to be real and be raw. After all, we are human BEINGS, not human DOINGS. Until next week, own who you are and BE! - Kimberly Faith PS - I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to share your feedback!

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