Walking your talk...

Am I a hypocrite?

I didn't think so. But, wait a minute... Why do I struggle to post a photo or video of myself on social media make-up free? Heck - that's a lie. Why do I REFUSE to post a photo or video make-up free? Why do I take 783 selfies to get the right "look" that I think is good enough to post (come on ladies - I know I'm not the only one!)? And yet, 3 weeks ago, I sent out my weekly email boasting to be authentic?! Yes, while maybe I have been true to myself on the INSIDE, I still struggle with being true to my outside self. I pick apart each photo to find the flaws, wrinkles, sun-spots, etc... I met with a friend last week, and we got talking about physical self-acceptance. We each admitted that #thestruggleisreal to make the conscious and daily choice to love ourselves and embrace the look that God gave us. Then, I asked her to hold me accountable to a challenge I decided to give myself: post a photo make-up free, messy-hair and all. Kimberly Faith - in her most natural physical state. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!!! This is one of the most uncomfortable challenges I've issued myself (glutton for punishment? maybe!). And THAT is why I know I needed to do it. Drop the vanity, stop being shallow, and accept/love myself - wrinkles, flaws, freckles and all! I was reminded of my trip to Burning Man. Halfway through the week, I had to stop wearing all make-up and even give up contact lenses, because the weather was so harsh and hurt my eyes. I can CONFIDENTLY say that once I surrendered the vanity, I NEVER felt more beautiful as I did the latter half of that week. It was so freeing, and felt so good! What happened? I got sucked back into the "default world" (as the burners like to call it), and little by little, forgot the lesson I learned on the playa. When I challenged myself this week to post a make-up free photo, I returned to the playa in my head, and gave myself permission to love my outward appearance. I want to be authentic and true to you - my readers, and the world. If I am preaching "authenticity," I OWE it to you to be authentic. So here I am - the real me. The natural me. The girl without makeup. The girl with messy hair. The girl that I am honored to love! Until next week, be true. Be real. Be YOU - no matter how scary it is! - Kimberly Faith PS - I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to share your feedback!

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