Who's your Tribe?

I sound like a hippie, right?

Well, I am! :) I've seen lots of burners and hippies post that quote, but it's SO true if you take the time to "unpack it." I see so many Facebook posts where people complain about everything, including the people around them - their family, spouse, co-workers, friends, enemies you name it! Then, they wonder why they have so much drama in their life! Not only that, I've seen people relocate in hopes of finding "better vibes." Philly people move to California thinking that California people will provide a multitude of magical relationships; Jersey people move to the south thinking that the southern charm will solve their relationship problems. Then are confused when they find the same drama in their new city. Newsflash: there is NO location on earth that has perfect people. You attract what you are! I moved to Vegas looking to become a better person. To grow personally, professionally, spiritually, and clean up my life. I was excited about this, and positive about the risk I had taken to move here. Sure enough, I met people through work, non-profits, church, Toastmasters etc... who ALSO wanted to better themselves. I am now blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing people in every area of life. People who are authentic, solid, loving, fun, and want to grow!! I have the most wonderful friends, who have become family. Was I lucky? Did that happen by mistake? No way Jose. I attracted it. What are you putting out there? Are you gossiping about people? When someone asks you about your day, do you share the NEGATIVE highlights, and talk about drama? Or do you exude love? Light attracts light, and repels darkness. If you don't want to be around dark people who bring you down, consider turning up YOUR light!! I challenge you to take a 7-day break from talking about negative situations or people. At the end of the week, you may be surprised at all the awesomeness you attracted!! I dare you! Until next week, live love, and SHINE ON! - Kimberly Faith PS - I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to hit "reply" and share your feedback, as well as share with your friends!! <3

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