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An Amazing Weekend (from the eyes me and Peanut)

This weekend we all (well, most of us) got to celebrate the 4th of July with an extra day off. Woot woot! I was sooooo excited because my friend and I decided to go camping. I've been itching to spend the night in nature for months, and was giddy at the thought of leaving for Mount Charleston after work. Groceries had been purchased, bags packed, camping gear loaded, cars gassed up, and I had just bought 2 bags of ice for the cooler. Let the adventure begin! Well, apparently, God thought differently. We spent 3 hours driving around 6 campgrounds (some of them twice), and couldn't find a campsite ANYWHERE. We even got desperate and called the nearby resort to see if they had any rooms available, and they were also sold out. At this point, it was close to 9pm, we hadn't had dinner (no one wants to be around a hangry Kim - trust me), and weren't any farther along than we were at 4pm. We decided to raise our white flag and gave up. On the drive back into Vegas, we stopped at In-N-Out for some animal-style goodness (ok.... milkshakes too), got home and put in a movie. We got to sleep in a comfortable temperature on comfy beds/cushions, and had access to clean showers and bathrooms. Not only that, but our excursion educated us big time. I now know all of the campgrounds available in that area, how many sites are at each, the cost, and how to access them. Lastly, Peanut had the time of his life. He got to go on a car ride, have some cheeseburger and snuggle with his mom during movie time.

The next day we DID end up driving back to Mount Charleston for a hike, which is in the picture above. What's the point of the story? I could have very easily said "Darnit! I've been waiting for months to camp! This was the only day we could coordinate this camping trip! What the heck? We spent all this time packing and preparing, wasted gas, wasted time, and wasted money. What an epic adventure fail. I just want to go home and be sad about the fact that I'm not in a tent roasting marshmallows by a fire." Did I? NO! I had an amazing time driving around aimlessly, laughing at the misfortune, and watching Peanut with his head out the window, ears flopping in the wind. Not to mention the amazing burger I wouldn't have had if I were camping! It's all about perspective. How can YOU shift your perspective about something disappointing you are going through right now? How can you look at it in a different light? Here's a few questions you could ask yourself -

  • - What am I learning?

  • - What are some positives I can get out of this?

  • - What is there to laugh about in this moment?

You might be surprised at some of the things your brain will come up with that will make you smile or laugh. Have fun with it? If you are with someone like I was, take turns identifying the "silver lining" in the situation. I promise you'll chuckle at some point. Until next week, enjoy the shift, and take a sip from your half-full glass! - Kimberly Faith P.S. - I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to hit "reply" and share your feedback! Or if someone you know would benefit from my weekly inspiration, forward this, or secretly sign them up like an inspiration ninja! hehe :)

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