One of the Hardest Things to Do

A 2-fold message...

Last week, I received one of those shocking phone calls from my dad. He called while I was at work, so I knew it was serious. "Kimberly, I just want to let you know that Christian was just killed in a car accident." A shock ran through my body. Christian was only 30 years old. We grew up together in church, and his dad was my youth pastor. He was one of the most kind, gentle, Godly young men I knew. My heart broke for his father and young bride. As always, death makes you think about your own mortality. Rather than thoughts about living life to the fullest, the thought I couldn't shake was considering people who harbor anger, bitterness and resentment. The people who can't find it in their heart to forgive. Is it worth it to stay angry? You may not have tomorrow. Heck, you may not have this afternoon! Imagine dying knowing you were angry at people? Or worse - imagine the person you are/were angry at dying?! Would you feel guilty for not forgiving them? Not to sound cocky, but I like to consider myself someone who's had a lot of practice at forgiving, so it's not the hardest thing for me to do. After I heard the news about Christian, I instantly knew what I'd be writing about to you. To drive the message of forgiveness home. UNTIL a couple days ago, when I too was humbled and challenged. I was put in a position where someone related to me emotionally gutted me, and left me out to rot. They said things intentionally to make me bleed from an artery, and were extremely successful. I was BEYOND angry and hurt. My bleeding wounds were BOILING with anger. I thought about this message I planned on writing, and had to take my own advice before giving it to you. It wasn't easy. (Hence why my message is a day late - I needed to take the time to properly forgive and not be hypocritical) The key part of the message though is not just to forgive, but to RELEASE IT. Sometimes that means we have to release SOMEONE as well. That's ok. That's not wrong, or sinful by any means. Anger and unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Is there someone you need to release from the grip of anger and resentment? I challenge you to do so. It's NOT easy. But, there is so much freedom in forgiving and letting it/them go.

By letting it go, I mean - STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! Once you decide to forgive someone, stop telling every Tom, Dick and Harry what they did to you. True forgiveness is not bringing it up again once you've given the gift of forgiveness. Until next week, let it go, and don't drink the poison!!! - Kimberly Faith P.S. - I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to hit "reply" and share your feedback! Or if someone you know would benefit from my weekly inspiration, forward this, or secretly sign them up like an inspiration ninja! hehe :)

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