I Know I may sound crazy, but...

How many of you consider yourself a morning person?

Not many, I'm sure! Based on conversations I've had, I would guess probably only 20% of us are morning people. Yes, I said "us," so I am included in that. I am one of those people you LOVE TO HATE in the morning. I'm fresh, chipper, and sharp. And that's ok - hatas gonna hate! Some of you night owls might stop reading right now, because you are already mad I'm talking about happy mornings, and suggesting you wake up earlier, and that's ok. But --- if you stick with me, I'd like to make my argument. :) This past week, I was staying at a friend's house watching her dogs. While, yes, I am a morning person, I am NOTTTTTT a 4:30am morning person!!! (My alarm is set for 5am) Guess who is? Her dog!! Each morning around 4:30am, he would start grumbling, and crying because he wanted me to get up and feed him. I would grudgingly get up (as cranky as some of you night owls in the morning), feed him to quiet him, and I returned to bed to attempt to sleep more. Unfortunately, the "sleep more" part never came. Once I'm up, I'm up. At first, I laid in bed annoyed. But then, rather than let the crankiness linger, I got up and decided to do something with my time. Some days I swam laps, some days I ran, some I cleaned, and some I leisurely went to a park so I had quiet reflection time. It felt REALLY good! Not only were the workouts the most peaceful ones of my life (sunrise swims -- doesn't get much better than that), but I ended up starting my "official" day with a lot more energy, mental clarity, and gratitude. Ironically, I read an article yesterday on Inc.com about how the most famous entrepreneurs and billionaires wake up between 4am-5am... This was great to hear!! (One of my heroes, Richard Branson is one of them) Here's the article for anyone who wants to read it: http://on.inc.com/2uEMR7b I know it's a tall order to challenge people to get up an hour earlier, but too bad! I'm dishing out the challenge! You might be surprised at how awesome your day will play out!! Starting it earlier might be a game changer for you - give it a go! Until next week, RISE AND SHINEEEEEEEEEEEE and do it with a smile on your face!!! :) - Kimberly Faith (aka - Sunshine)

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