Love Yourself Enough to do this...

Doesn't make sense?

Face it, no one LIKES to struggle. (unless you are one of the few weirdos out there who's a glutton for punishment) How focused are you on your dreams, goals, and passions? Are you willing to struggle for them? I was at Silent Savasana yesterday, which is a local community yoga class. The instructor, Dray, is FULL of inspiration, and blows you away with his wisdom throughout the class. As he says "it's a work-IN, not just a work-OUT." Physically, the class is hard! For whatever reason, yesterday was EXTRA hard. Poses were held longer, and I was challenged to go deeper. I didn't really want to. I was comfortable and happy with my Warrior 1. (and 2.... and reverse warrior.....) Then he said it. "Love yourself enough to struggle." After I scraped my mind-melted brains off the floor, I accepted the challenge. For the rest of class, I pushed harder, stretched deeper, and gave it ALL I HAD. Why? Because I love me, and I want to see progress. I surrendered comfort-ability for growth. Let me tell you - my whole body was shaking and in pain (and if you saw the way I'm walking around today, you'd KNOW I gave it my all!). But, you know what? I feel so darn good! Not only did I take my yoga practice to a new level, but I was able to do a pose that I've never been able to do before (bird of paradise in the photo). It's not perfect yet, but yoga is a PRACTICE, and I'll keep working at it. I left class feeling so motivated to take this principle and apply it to everything in life! I thought to myself - "Where am I too comfortable? What areas do I need to bring on the struggle to push me in the direction I want to go?" What about you? Struggle could mean anything from fitness, to diet, to dumping old habits and creating new ones, to forgiveness, and SO MUCH MORE. Anything that sounds hard, but would be good for your life can fall into this category. Are you up for the challenge? Are you willing to love yourself enough to struggle? If you are, then remember this quote the next time you are tempted to take the easy street. You can even turn it into an affirmation: "I love myself enough to struggle." This affirmation will give you renewed mental strength to do what's hard for the sake of your future. The struggle is real, but you've got what it takes!! Until next week, struggle on, and know that I'm struggling with you! - Kimberly Faith

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