What's Your Fun Aspect Ratio?

Don't know what a F.A.R. is?

That's ok - no one does because I made it up!!! F.A.R. stands for "Fun Aspect Ratio." For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, it looks like I have a ton of fun. And you know what? You're right!! I do! BUTTTTT - I invest a lot of time into "work" - my day job, my house chores, my personal/business growth, and investing in growing my brand. When I dedicate time to that, it's not exactly glamorous or post-worthy. Pictures of me cleaning my house, practicing a speech, or reading a book on leadership is not what I post. Balance is such a huge part of my life. I used to be so goal/business-driven, I made no time for fun. I worked myself into the ground, didn't take lunches or breaks, and burned the candle at both ends. When I finally did have time off, I was too exhausted to do anything else. Over the past year or 2, I've learned to prioritize fun in my life, to keep me balanced. I call it the "Fun Aspect Ratio." It's a quantifiable way I gauge the balance (or lack of), in my life. For instance - during the work-week, my fun aspect ratio is 1 full work day to 1 hour of me-time. On the weekend, however, my fun aspect ratio is 1 hour work to 1 hour fun. I try and make sure that both sides of the scale have equal weight. This past weekend I went away to Great Basin National Park (5 hours north of Vegas). I had noticed that I had spent the past 7 weeks in Vegas on the weekends, and was very productive. But the "fun" side of my scale didn't have enough in it. I packed up my car, and headed off. I spent the whole weekend investing in myself, and focused on nothing but that. By the time Sunday rolled around, I felt my scales were once again in balance. Everyone has their own fun aspect ratio. What's yours? How many hours of fun do you give yourself to the # of hours worked? Have you considered the balance in your life? Most importantly - ARE YOU HAVING ENOUGH FUN?! Sure, it may seem like I goof-off all the time. But I assure you, I work. And believe it or not, I am 145,356 times more productive, efficient, and impactful when I am scheduling time to have fun to balance it all out. I urge you to not feel guilty if you aren't working around the clock. Unfortunately, that's one of the curses of being an American. You don't see Europeans working themselves into the ground!! They make time for 2 hour lunches, siestas, and a month off in the summer. We need to take a page from their book! (either that or I'm relocating!) Until next week, determine what your F.A.R. is, stop reading this and GO OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN! - Kimberly Faith

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