Let's Talk about Your Step Count

And I'm not talking your FitBit!

I'm talking about real life. This past weekend, I took a hike with Peanut (shocker, right?). This was a trail we've hiked at least 4 times, but it's been a year since the last time I've done it. I knew there was over 1,000 feet in elevation gain, and was ready for it! No problemo - I can do that in my sleep! Ha. Ha. Ha. I guess I got a little overconfident. The first 1/3 of the hike is an easy trail, but a constant incline. THEN - there's about 287 switchbacks (give or take), and the last 1/3 of the hike is approximately 732 steps (but who's counting?)......... (for those of you who might not know me that well, I tend to exaggerate a tinyyyyyyyy bit). It sure felt like 287 switchbacks and 732 steps though! I got to the point where I didn't think I could go any further. Legit. I was ready to quit. I had to stop every 5 feet to BREATHE. Keep in mind, what made it even more difficult was being 9,000 feet UP where the air is thin! But I kept telling myself "One more step. Just go one more step." Some of my steps were TINY - I didn't have it in me to take the large stride. But that's ok - it was still a step forward (albeit maybe only 6 inches!). When I looked ahead to where the end destination was, I got overwhelmed because it seemed so far. However, when I kept my eyes down, and focused on the next step, I was able to keep going. Sure enough, I made to the falls, and was proud of myself for not giving up when I thought I was going to collapse from lack of oxygen and a heart that was racing WAY too fast! On my way down, I thought about how this parallels life. Sometimes when we look at our own mountain (whether it be a goal or hurdle), the path is overwhelming. And often, when we get overwhelmed, we quit. However, if we keep our eyes focused on the next step, suddenly it becomes manageable. We find the motivation and strength to keep pushing. Any mountain, regardless of the size, is climbed one step a time. Even if they are tiny steps. This could apply to professional or relational goals, weight loss, getting out of debt, habit making/breaking and SO MUCH MORE! What mountain are you climbing right now? If it feels like it's going to be FOREVER until you reach the top, let me encourage you to keep your eyes on the next step. Don't give up. I promise you -- the view at the top is SO worth the struggle! You've got this!! Until next week, keep climbing, taking steps forward, and I'll see you at the top! Love your personal cheerleader, - Kimberly Faith

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