Is Your Focus in the Right Direction?

Not left, right, up or down.

Are you focused FORWARD? I was at a leader retreat this weekend for church, and even though I had heard this concept before, I was challenged when I heard it again. What happens when you are running, and you try and look behind you? YOU FALL OR TRIP! Our leader reminded us, that in life we need to stay focused on what's ahead, and leave the past where it belongs - BEHIND us! Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. Faults from my past (which could mean "yesterday") creep up in my mind, and I get fixated on beating myself up for not being a better person, friend, family member, speaker, employee, etc... This is not healthy. If I truly believe what I SAY I believe - that I'm forgiven, I need to start acting like it! I need to keep my eyes focused on the bright future ahead!!! Am I where I want to be? HECK NO! SOOOOO far from it. I mess up every day, and wish I did better. But you know what? I THANK GOD that I'm not the person I used to be. I am learning to be gentle with myself and not expect overnight transformation. As I continue to be shaped to the person I'm meant to be, I'm making more of an effort to celebrate these small victories, and keep releasing my past! (Literally and ironically speaking, I took a run not even 24 hours after this retreat, and made the mistake of looking behind me to talk to my friend. Haven't I learned my lesson? Apparently not! Almost fell! DOH!) This silly mistake reminded me the lesson from the day before, and I quickly corrected myself! Is there an area in your life that you keep looking back? A failed marriage? Unsuccessful business investment? Addiction? Whatever it is, I challenge you to release it. Throw it away!!! You AREN'T that person TODAY! There's so much freedom in releasing your past WITH INTENTION, and focus your gaze forward! It's much brighter in that direction anyway. You've got nothing to lose, and how productive has beating yourself up about the past been for you? Until next week, focus forward in faith, and don't look back! Your future awaits! Love, another traveler on this journey with you, - Kimberly Faith

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