It May Sound Cliche, but...

How many times have you heard that before?

It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not, you've heard this quote before. Regardless of your beliefs, the lesson is the act of surrender. This is my 16th week writing to you. I have enjoyed every week, and been surprisingly diligent. Until last week. If you noticed, I failed last week and did not send one. I was wrapped up in stress and worry. Peanut, my best friend, had a bit of a veterinarian emergency. When camping in Sequoia last weekend, he must have stuck his head where it didn't belong, and got poked in both his eyes, resulting in 2 cornea ulcers. His eyes were sealed shut for 2 days, and he had zero energy. To make matters worse, he wasn't eating. This upset me the most. My thought was "how can he have no appetite when the problem is in his eyes?" I had all the ointments and drops for his eyes, but couldn't figure out why he wasn't eating. My dad told me to chill out, and give it a few days, but if you know how I am with Peanut - you know that wasn't happening. There was NO chilling out. Even I couldn't eat for 2 days because I was so stressed. I tried everything to get him to eat and drink, all of which were unsuccessful. Then he started to vomit, which sent me into meltdown status. I was on my knees crying my eyes out begging God to fix my little man. I felt like my prayers weren't being heard at all. I kept trying to do everything in my own power to help the situation. How could I surrender my fear and cares - Peanut is my everything!!! While on my knees, I truly was challenged to let go. Let go of fear. Let go of upsetment. Let go of stress. Let go of worry. TRUST God that Peanut was indeed going to be fine. At this point, I felt like I had no other choice. So I did. I let it all go. Then I packed up my car with Peanut, and his bed, and took him to my office with me (as I had done all week to care for him). When I got to my office, I opened a jar of baby food, and put it on a plate, once again hoping for the best. Except this time, my heart wasn't heavy with all the worry and sadness. Within 5 minutes, he managed to pick up his weak little body, and start licking up the food. He ate the entire JAR!!! An hour later, he ate wet dog food. Later on that day, he ate dry dog food! My prayers had been answered! Now Peanut is back to his happy, energetic, and hungry self! If you notice, my prayers weren't answered when I had a death-grip on controlling the situation. While my heart and intention were in the right place, I hadn't surrendered the feelings associated with it all. Is there an area of your life that you haven't surrendered? Do you need to "let go" of worry, stress, anxiety, etc...?? I highly encourage you to do so. There is so much peace and freedom in doing that, because we can rest knowing that everything will turn out the way it's supposed to. Often, when we do, it all falls into place. So go ahead, let it goooooooooooo, let it goooooooooooooo (I'm trying to sing Frozen for you!) Until next week, learn to appreciate and embrace those difficult moments of surrender. That's when the magic happens. Surrendering with you, - Kimberly Faith

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