Do this TODAY for ONE of your Goals

Ever take a look at your goals, and instantly become overwhelmed?

I do! (Especially considering my goal list spreadsheet has several hundred items on it!) #overachiever It's so easy to let your imagination run away with you, and not even start taking action on a dream, because you don't know where to start! Every year, around my birthday, I review my goals for the year. Then I determine the FIRST step I need to take in order to accomplish it. Just the first step. Not create the whole plan. (I know some of you super-planners out there are freaking out right now, because you thrive on planning!) I am a firm believer in taking the first step in ACTION AND in FAITH, because I know once I do, the next step will be revealed. Years ago, I knew I wanted to share my story, and be a speaker. But I had NO CLUE where to start. So I didn't. I let a YEAR go by without taking action. I wasted an entire year! Then, last August, I joined Toastmasters. I took step 1. I attended a 1 hour meeting just to check it out. That baby step changed my life. It opened doors, introduced me to amazing people, started me in the speaking world, and I'm a different person today!!! Once I took that first step, the next step indeed was revealed. As you can imagine, I read and listen to a lot of speakers and authors talk about goal-setting and goal-achieving. I've heard some sources say you need to take "5 steps each day that will forward your goal." With all due respect to the other goal-guru's out there, I think this is hard for most of us to accomplish. We have relationships, kids, full-time jobs, and other commitments pulling us in every direction, every day. It's paralyzing for me to think of doing 5 tasks per day to forward my speaking goal. I don't have enough time to do that!!! BUT - I heard one of my favorite speakers say something more realistic a few months ago

"If you can spend 5 minutes a day on your goal, think about how much further along you would be in a year." 5 minutes. That's palatable. 5 minutes multiplied by 365 days = 1,825 minutes. Almost 31 hours. Think of how much you could get done to push the proverbial ball down the court if you invested 31 hours! Anyone can do 5 minutes! I have tried to commit at least 5 minutes a day since that day. More often than not, 5 minutes turns into at least 30 because I get into a zone. Are you willing to give yourself the gift of committing at least 5 minutes at day to a goal that is near and dear to your heart? Pick a goal, and define what that 5 minutes looks like TODAY. Not tomorrow. Just today. When tomorrow comes, THEN you worry about it! An added benefit to doing it this way is you will find SO much freedom and PEACE in knowing that you are doing your part. TODAY. I'm curious to hear what your goal is, and what step you will take today! I'll be right there with you taking a step as well! Until next week, let's take a step together. Towards our dreams, and our goals. Tomorrow will worry about itself. (Matthew 6:34) Stepping forward, - Kimberly Faith If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please contact me! I'd love to chat! :) P.S. - I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to hit "reply" and share your feedback! Or if someone you know would benefit from my weekly inspiration, forward this, or secretly sign them up like an inspiration ninja! hehe :)

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