Are You this Kind of Driver?

And I don't mean on the road!

Ok, maybe that's a double meaning. I DO want you to stay in your own lane if you're a slow driver so I can blow past you, but that's not what I really meant. I meant stay in your own lane IN LIFE. I'm around a lot of speakers all the time. A lot of REALLLLLLLLY GREATTTTTTTTT and successful speakers. They range in experience from newbies to veterans, and believe it or not - I'm intimidated by some of them. I'm intimidated by their skill, their drive, their business sense, and so much more. I start the comparison game. "Their website is so much better than mine," "They are speaking more than I am," "I should be out networking all the time like they do," etc.... (the list goes on forever) Don't we all wish we were further along in the pursuit for our dreams? I beat myself up for not being as far as they are. I get the "behind the 8-ball" feeling, and stress myself out trying to play catch-up. I even beat myself up for scheduling FUN, when I know I could be working harder harder harder to catch up to them! This whole ugly series of thoughts has the potential to become a vicious cycle and paralyze my motivation (and has in the past!). But then I remember what my sister Kellie told me: "Kim, STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!" She's right. My path (or lane, in this example) is mine, and mine only. It's only for me to travel, not anyone else. I am EXACTLY where I need to be at this point in my life. Every time I look to the left and to the right, and see someone pass me, my initial reaction is "hurry up and do more to catch up and/or beat them!" Let's face it - that's not healthy. If you're always competing, your output won't be quality and it certainly won't stick. The actions and progress I should be making in my life and career should be divinely inspired and pushing me forward at that pace. NOT trying to match someone else's. Their path is THEIRS to travel, and I have to stop putting my blinker on to try and squeeze into their lane! Do you ever feel like you're behind the 8-ball in your own life, career and dreams? Does it ever get you down when you see others moving along quicker than your are? I encourage and challenge you to stay in your own lane. Keep your eyes focused on YOUR road. Stop looking to the left and right. That's not your path. You're on the road that's designed uniquely for your life's purpose. Enjoy it, because you have it all to yourself! Every time we try and "race" another person in life, we end up missing out on some great scenery on our own road. That's no fun! Until next week, enjoy the scenic and beautiful journey on YOUR road! Let the comparing go and enjoy the ride!!! Side note: This week, I want to let you know how thankful I am that you read my posts. This is my 25th week writing these, and the feedback I get from you is the fuel that keeps me moving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoying my lane, - Kimberly Faith

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