One Reason It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

...and that's not just because I inhale chocolate chip cookies, send out handwritten Christmas cards, and spread Christmas cheer wherever I go. It's also a time I reflect on the past year, and ask myself a few questions (as well as journal my answers) like: - Am I where I wanted to be? - What curveballs came my way that may have detoured me? - What am I super proud of? - What could I have done better? Then, I pray about the following year, and ask myself these questions: - Who do I want to be this time next year (characteristics like "more confident, patient, etc...)? - Where do I want to be this time next year? - Is there anything in my life that needs to change in order to set me on that path (i.e. - new habits, more intentional relationships, etc...)? - What are a few actionable steps that I can take in January (or, if I'm feeling ambitious - NOW), that will push my progress forward? Do you ever look back at a year in your life, and say to yourself "Wow - I just let life happen this year. I did nothing significant, have nothing to report, and no progress on any of my goals?" That would be a pretty crappy realization, right? To acknowledge that you essentially "wasted" a year of your life that you will never get back. If I could stress anything, I would challenge you to: BE MORE INTENTIONAL. Get somewhere on purpose!!! Yes, you may get to the end of 2018 alive and well. But, don't you want MORE than just alive and well? I'm not tooting my own horn, and saying I'm a professional goal-getter. BUT, I can honestly say that I feel pretty good about 2017. I won 5 speech contests, I grew leaps and bounds as a speaker, I've been writing this weekly for half a year (which is a long time for me to stick with anything!), been to China and Japan, 80% through writing a book, and got a TON of checkmarks on my bucket list. Did I accomplish everything I wanted? HECK NO! But I accomplished WAY more than I would have had I not been intentional! I'm praying and striving for 2018 to be even MORE impactful and extraordinary. And I want the same for YOU! I encourage you to take time and prepare yourself for this upcoming year. If you don't know how, here's a few practical steps you can take: 1. Answer the questions I listed above. Here's the caveat - WRITE your answers down. Do not answer them in your head only. 2. Create a vision board. My vision boards have transformed the way I dream and attack my goals. It's a life-changer. Give yourself the gift of creating some time for you to make one (if you need tips, email me, and I'll send you some) 3. Have a raw conversation with someone else discussing the above questions. Make sure it's someone you trust, and commit to being 100% authentic in your answers. 4. Think about who you would like to ask to be your accountability partner for 2018. Accountability partners are amazingggggggggg, and the relationship that grows because of them is so beautiful! You can celebrate victories together, as well as challenge and support each other. You may thinking "Kim, it's too early to be thinking about the new year. It's still November so hold your horses!" My response to you is "Why do you think so many people fail in their resolutions?" They don't have a plan. My old boss's favorite quote was "If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail!" These questions force you to look inward, and should take some careful thinking and planning. Give yourself the time! Don't wait until December 31st to figure it out! Until next week, get real with yourself, and get intentional!! Let's get there ON PURPOSE! Intentionally living, - Kimberly Faith

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