The only time you should do this...

"Straight up and over."

That was the answer to my friends yesterday when they asked what "trail" we were hiking. It's not a trail, actually. It's a mountain in Red Rock that I love. It's technical. It's challenging (especially when you are carrying a dog with one arm!). It's high. It's steep. And it's HARD. Why? Because it's straight up. No easing into a nice hiking rhythm. Just shuffle and shimmy your way to the top, and try not to fall and slide down in the process. It's one of my favorite hikes because you never go the same way up (or down). It's all about problem solving, because of the difficulty it is to get up. "Do we go left or right? Should I step on this rock or that rock? Do I attempt to claw my way up a sheer or try and find a safer route?" While we were climbing up in our onesies (everyone should hike in onesies in the winter!), sweating like crazy, huffing and puffing, we stopped a few times for air and water. What is so amazing to me is seeing how far we've come. The labyrinth that you see in the photo is about 300' down from where we were standing when we took the photo. And that was only about 1/2 way up!! Not only the distance and height, but also, the time! I swear, in a matter of minutes, you're up another 50 feet. It's crazy! Sometimes it's overwhelming to look up and see how far you still have to go, but it's such an amazing feeling when you look back, and see how much you've accomplished so far. It's satisfying, and motivates you to keep on moving!

This is such a metaphor for life, right?

There are 2 kinds of people who look back: 1 - the people who live in the past and base all of their present and future decisions based on the past (not healthy or cool) 2 - the people who look back to celebrate how far they've come, and use that excitement to drive them forward Whether you are on a health journey, a rocky time in a relationship, financial/professional difficulties and so much more, rather than get pouty about how far the goal seems, I encourage you to stop for a second, look backwards, and celebrate how far you've come! The view keeps getting better and better if you stick the path, regardless of the obstacles, rocks, and hurdles that have the potential to trip us up. With each passing obstacle, celebrate the mini victories and the new level you've just reached! High five or hug yourself for the work you put in to get where you are, because I know it wasn't easy. Life isn't easy. But it sure feels good when you reach a new height!!! Until next week, let's all take off our sunglasses, turn around, and catch the view from our newest height! High fives all around!!! Your fellow climber, - Kimberly Faith

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