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Happy 2018!

I love the new year!! What a fantastic time to do a MAJOR OVERHAUL of life, right?! Like many of us, one of my objectives this year relates to health and fitness. When I was thinking about the specifics of those goals, I was taken back to a time in high school. As a junior, I gained a bit of weight. I was made fun of at school, and started dieting. I tried every trendy diet, applied every article I read, took every diet pill and laxative, etc... I often remember crying to my dad, asking him why, every time I stood on the scale, the number remained the same. The wisdom he repeated over and over to me was: "Kimberly, there's no replacement for discipline." No matter what fad diet or trendy fix I tried, the reality was - nothing would outweigh the value of discipline. As we enter into 2018, I ask you to consider the same thing. Not just with diet, but with every area of life - health, fitness, financial, relational, spiritual, professional, etc... Consider what goals you've set for yourself. Have you been motivated or inspired by the latest podcast or blog that offers a great "new idea" to "fix" your problems. Hey - that's great. I'm NOT knocking it. Try a new approach to a lingering problem. BUT, I'd like to remind you: THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISCIPLINE AND HARD WORK!

This is why I cynically listen to commercials, or chit-chat about things like: - The new 8 minute workout that will transform your body - The new piece of software that will magically triple your income - The new business idea that will make you an overnight millionaire as you sleep - The new best-seller that will make all your relationships blissful ...you get the idea EVEN IF some of these "super solutions" have some value, you will STILL have to invest blood, sweat and tears. (aka - discipline and hard work) With your spending habits. With your eating. With your workouts. With time invested in work. With your patience. With your time spent with God and other relationships. What are your goals for the year? How bad do you want them? Are you ready to put in the HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE that reaching them will require. I think we can all agree that the disciplined and hard route isn't fun (especially in the beginning)! I just started a 40 day vegetarian challenge to cleanse and detox my body. I DEFINITELY took the hard route! I could have easily gone to GNC, bought a colon cleanse, kept burgers in my life, and call it a day. But no - I know my body will appreciate my intentionally treating it differently over the next 40 days. I know the hard route is going to be so much more rewarding! Until next week, let's all commit to a month (or 40 days like I'm doing! ...or more!!) of a goal that will require a LOT of discipline and HARD WORK! I know you can do it!! Let's do it together!!! Working hard, - Kimberly Faith If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please contact me! I'd love to chat! :)

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