The biggest lesson in my 40-day social media fast

I'm backkk!!

I've been getting a lot of questions asking where my emails were! First of all, thank you for reaching out! I appreciate that, and it encouraged me to get back on the wagon. Do you want to know why I disappeared? I needed to get re-inspired, and press my own reset button. I pride myself on being radically authentic, and do not want to be pumping out content that feels lackluster in my heart and head. So I left. No warning. No disclaimer video. No preparatory posts or emails. Some of you may have seen my Instagram or Facebook post about my 40-day fast. I literally deleted Mailchimp, Instagram, and Facebook off of my phone to help me silence the noise, and open myself up to fresh inspiration and new ideas. God did NOT disappoint! WOW! I learned so much on my 40-days of freedom! I stopped listening to the people who were affecting my confidence. I stopped comparing myself and my life to others, and I learned how to be mindful. Truth be told, I even signed up for an 8 hour class on learning how to be mindful! The mindfulness messages have been flooding my world, and I want to pass along the same to you. Social media is great, don't get me wrong. It helps us stay connected to friends and family, grow our businesses, get inspired, and so much more. But there is a down side. Sometimes people's posts cause us to invite the devil of comparison of inadequacy into our thoughts. This is where it starts to get distorted. Have you done this, or am I the only one? I compare my # of likes and comments to my friends or other speakers. If I don't have enough likes or comments, I tend to think that my post "wasn't good enough," or worse yet, "that I'm not good enough." It's terrible how I let myself be mentally taunted day-in and day-out. Hence the reason for my disappearance. Let's talk about the fruits that the past 40 days has yielded:

  1. My relationships are THRIVING! I wasn't busy checking my phone texts or notifications, which created the space to be fully present with whom I was with.

  2. Everything I did was MAGICAL! Because I had zero pressure to post content on whatever I was doing, I unlocked a new level of magic in my life. I was 100% in the moment, because there was zero part of me that cared that my Instagram followers should know what I was doing

  3. My creativity exponentially increased. I think this goes hand-in-hand with #2. When life is more magical, you tend to be more inspired naturally. Inspiration is not forced - it seeks YOU OUT!

  4. The vibration of my energy has arose to new heights. Social media was lessening my vibration, and taking the wind out of my sails. Now, I feel brighter, and super-charged. Like someone would get electrocuted if they touched me!

Am I recommending everyone make their digital presence disappear? Nope! However, I am asking you to evaluate you level of mindfulness. When you are living life, are you completely 150% present, or is there are part of you that is trying to figure out what picture to take so that you have something cool to post on Facebook? If so, perhaps challenge yourself with the question: "Am I being mindful and fully present?" My new outlook on social media is to set boundaries. What does that mean? - Don't start and end my day on Facebook/Instagram - Don't use Facebook/Instagram as a boredom filler - Limit my time on these sites - Stop obsessing over statistics and other people's # of followers Life is so much more awesome when we are present. Don't you want a magical life? I think we'd all be lying if we said we didn't!!! Until next week, let's all commit to radical mindfulness!!! Mindfully, - Kimberly Faith If you are interested in having me speak to your group, please contact me! I'd love to chat! :)

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