Friends are like.... what?!

Weird way to think of your friends (and family for that matter) like that, right?

I'm sure you've heard the quote "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." I've heard this list of people also referred to as one's "Board of Directors." (My list consists of the people I am closest with, but not by physical proximity since my family is cross-country) To understand the concept and agree is one thing, but how many of us actually consider our own Board of Directors? It's true - the people we allow into our life are either going to challenge us to reach new heights, and lift us up, OR, they will yank us down to their level, and stunt our growth. Both of these people could be a ton of fun, but if you are serious about your dreams and growing as a person, you may want to consider electing new officers to serve on your board. A few days ago, I took a second to think about the people I surround myself with, and can confidently say that I have a darn excellent group that extends beyond the 5 people I spend the most time with. I choose to surround myself with people who have an insatiable desire to grow as a person, challenge me when needed, and help me rise up to whatever situation life has dished out to me. The hike in his picture has 9 sets of ropes, ranging in difficulty. It's one of my favorite hikes in town, and I went with a friend who is amazing in every way. Going DOWN is pretty easy, but when you have to climb back UP the ropes (especially for someone like myself who has zero upper-body strength) is challenging. Thankfully, my friend went up before me, and reached down to extended his hand for me to grab onto, as he helped yank me up the rock. Isn't that the kind of people we all want in our lives? The ones who reach down when we are struggling and pull us up. The ones who encourage us and remind us of our worth and purpose. These people are as priceless as the most beautiful diamond ever, and we should treat those relationships as such. My dad always said that people are in your life for "a reason, a season or a lifetime." Some people are a few of those. Take a look at the relationships that are bringing you down and not pushing you to reach your fullest capacity. Maybe it's time to acknowledge the beauty that friendship served for a season, but then release it to fill that board position with someone who aligns more with why you were put on this earth. One more thought - we've been talking about our own Board of Directors, BUT, if you are on SOMEONE ELSE'S Board of Directors, are you happy with your contribution to that person's life... Or maybe, dare I ask, are you one of the people that would be fired from someone's Board? This week, I challenge you to consider both your own Board of Directors, and friend base, as well as the Boards you serve on. Do you need to replace anyone because their elevator button is taking you down? Is there someone else who you want to "promote" because you know their button that will take you to the rooftop? Have the courage to take action, and reassign some officers. Your rooftop awaits!!! Until next week, press the right elevator buttons! Proud Board Member, - Kimberly Faith

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