I was shocked to make this realization

And here I thought I was the Queen of Dreaming!

I have a Life Goal List Spreadsheet, Bucket List Journal, not 1, but TWO vision boards, and a Bucket List scratch-off poster. Of course I dream big! Or do I? Funny how life lessons sometimes reveal themselves in the oddest ways. This past weekend, I was feeling rather anti-social. My over-booked schedule eventually caught up to me, and I suffered what I refer to as "Committment Crash." I blew off all my commitments for the day to nurse my crash, and recharge - alone. (Yes, believe it or not, I'm an introvert when it comes time to rest and recharge) On Friday, I hung out with a friend who's home is covered with his own paintings. What impressed me most (besides the work itself), was that each piece was HUGE! I don't think I saw a piece smaller than 48"x48". It was amazing, and I left feeling inspired. The next morning, I zipped over to Hobby Lobby in pursuit of a large canvas. This was partially a horrifying thought, because I've never painted anything larger than 9"x12." I worried about how to fill such a large space. Maybe I couldn't do it? Maybe I'd lose inspiration and imagination half-way through... These are the thoughts that taunted me, but I silenced them just long enough to get through the check-out line, and carefully maneuver my 30"x40" blank canvas into the backseat of my car. The thoughts continued when I got home "Crap. Now what am I going to do with this thing? I don't even have an idea!" I started simple. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so I started by painting a yellow background. Next, I painted a small dot mandala in the corner with various tones of my other favorite color - teal. One thing led to another, and I kept building on the last thing I painted. Dot after dot, my creation grew, and I was getting INTO it. I didn't even want to stop for dinner (which is a shocker!) I'm not done yet, and have a ways to go, but I feel SO great about my progress and masterpiece in the making. What you see in the picture is a portion of the sun I painted. As I got swallowed up in the creative process, a sobering thought hit me - "Have I been playing too small with my dreams, expectations, and pursuits in life? Am I figuratively painting on a 9x12 canvas?" I am. By playing small (aka - purchasing small canvases), we limit our imaginations and dreams to a small space. Why not give yourself the gift of a GIANT canvas. GIANT canvases to hold your GIANT ideas and dreams!! Here's how I determine if my dream is big enough, and hopefully it will help you. Think of your biggest dream in your head. Got it? Ok, if your thoughts around it sound something like this, then you need to go bigger: "Yea, I'm excited. This is my dream." Push the tent pegs out of your dream, and imagine what that dream would look like on a larger scale. Now, what are your thoughts? If they are still something like "Yea, this is cool," then you still haven't gone big enough. Keep pushing your imagination out further, and bigger until you reach the point where you think "Oh crap - that's huge and horrifying. How on earth will I accomplish it?"

BOOM! That's where you want to be. Once your dream is big enough to scare you, you've finally got a big enough canvas.

It's risky and scary to give yourself permission to do this, but I'm asking you to play along, and see where your mind and imagination take you. Take 5-10 minutes for yourself, dream big, and see how giant of a canvas you can get!! (Then send me an email, and tell me what that dream is!! There's something magical about putting it into words!!!) Isn't the future of your dreams worth it? I believe it is, so let's all GO BIG OR GO HOME! Find the largest canvas that Hobby Lobby sells, and dream your heart out!!! Fellow BIG dreamer, - Kimberly Faith P.S. - If you would like to do a vision board or host one of my Vision Board DREAMshops at your home, organization or place of business, let me know, and we will plan a big 'ole campfire dream session!!!

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