I can thank a flower for teaching me this lesson...

Allow me to introduce you to Olivia!

Olivia is my “orphan orchid.” I have a habit of going to the grocery store after major holidays and buying all the clearance flowers that are headed to the dumpster. Let me preface by saying I do NOT have a green thumb. I do not buy them to make a garden. I buy them to make cute bouquets and give them away to random people. I rescue these beautiful flowers from their destiny of the dumpster, and add a little sunshine to peoples day! A few days after the Fourth of July last year, I made my post-holiday pilgrimage to my grocery store. Tons of beautiful orchids badly needing water were marked down to $5 (from $29.99!!). I couldn’t resist!!! I bought a few bouquets, a few orchids, and did my usual give-aways. However, this time I decided to keep one of the orchids, full knowing how hard they are to maintain. If you know me, you know I name EVERYTHING, so named her “Olivia” (after the little orphan mouse Olivia in the Great Mouse Detective). She had 3 blooms that I was able to enjoy and nurse back to health for a few weeks. Eventually the flowers wilted and fell off. All that was left was a stem and a few leaves. My friend Linda in the office (aka - "The Orchid Whisperer") gave me advice on what to do with this seemingly dead stem. She told me how often to water it, and how to gauge it's health. I did EXACTLY as she told me - watered it twice a week, and even though it looked weird, let it hang out on the floor next to the window so it was getting enough sun. July, August, September, October.... Still nothing but a stick. November, December, January... still nothing. But I had faith. I stuck to the routine, and didn't give up on Olivia. February hit. I saw a little itty bitty branch pop it's head out of the stick. Each week, the branch grew, and it started producing buds! There are no words in the English language that can express how elated I was to see this!!! By the time March hit, I had SEVEN buds! The photo above is today - Olivia proudly showing off 7 beautiful, colorful, and ginormous flowers!!! She's a beauty queen, bursting with life, and healthier than EVER! Not only has Olivia added beauty to my office, but she has taught me a valuable life lesson. 8 months I cared for her with no signs of life. I didn't see the "fruits of my labor," and often wondered if I was wasting my time and filled with false hope. But the key factor here is "I NEVER GAVE UP." I never gave up watering her, loving her, and nurturing her. There are people in my life where the same things happens. I pour into them, love them, care about them, pray for them, and invest in them. Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my time, and if I'm getting through. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever see their walls come down, and reach their heart. But, like Olivia, I won't give up. I won't stop trying. I won't stop loving. I won't stop caring, and I won't stop investing. I believe that people are placed into my life for a reason, and if I'm blessed enough for them to be in my life, then I'm committed to seeing flowers bloom. Are there people in your life you're ready to give up on because you haven't seen a change? I beg you - please don't give up. Chances are, you have no clue the impact your love is having on their life. Keep pouring into them, and loving them. That may be just what they need to make a powerful breakthrough in their life!! YOU may be a part of their transformation! (Disclaimer: I DO acknowledge that there are some toxic relationships that are necessary to let go. I am NOT referring to these situations. In situations like those, there's a time and place to "let go with love," and remove yourself from their life. But that doesn't mean you have to stop praying for them, and sending good thoughts their way.) Until next week, don't give up - love loud, and keep watering!!! Your flowers will come! Gardener of Love, - Kimberly Faith


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