A KEY (and sometimes painful) Component to New Growth

Remember my orchid Olivia from a few months ago?

The orchid that taught me (and hopefully you!) to never stop investing in someone, even if we are not seeing the fruit? Believe it or not, that particular message helped create several new business connections for me through Instagram. Thank you Olivia! I'm happy to report that Ms. Olivia is at it again, and taught me another lesson today. ! I'm excited to share with you, since everyone already knows her! You may recall that when Olivia bloomed back in March, she had 7 beautiful flowers. They have been thriving and she brings joy to my life every day. Well, the circle of life must continue, and those flowers are starting to wither away and die. Am I sad about this? Sure, maybe a little. BUT - those flowers lasted over 2 months! That's a LONG TIME!! I'm thrilled to see how healthy she is. (I'm also thrilled that I'm officially not a total green thumb failure!) It's going to take at least 6 months for her to produce new flowers, and bloom again. But I know she will, and she will continue to be my shining star! (or shall I say "Shining Flower?") What's the lesson? Simple - the current flowers NEEDED to die. Their season had come to an end. In order to prepare for a season of new growth, Olivia had to release them from her life-giving branch, and let them go. How often in life do we desire growth, but struggle releasing our death grip on the "way things are?" This can be a job that we've become complacent in or no longer enjoy, a relationship that doesn't support our growth, a bad habit that needs to die, etc... We hold on so tight to SO much! WHY? It's comfortable. It's easy. Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour Workweek, says "Most people will choose unhappy over uncertainty." When we refuse to let go of that which has died in our lives for the sake of comfort, we are surrendering our own happiness!! Over the past few years, I've had friendships drop off my radar. That's ok. I realized that the season for them had come to a close, and therefore I released it. Same goes for jobs I've had, and much more! When we release that which has died, and no longer serves us, we are creating space for new growth to begin again. Don't you want new growth? I sure do!!! I want new flowers and new fruit in my life!! I challenge you to take a look at your life, and if it's not where you want it to be - take a look at what may be withering away. Perhaps there's some pruning you need to do in your relationships, health, finances, etc... Prune! LET GO OF WHAT NEEDS TO GO!!! Your future happiness thanks you!!! Until next week, prune away! I can't wait to see your garden bloom! Gardener of Love, - Kimberly Faith

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