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S O U L J O U R N (noun) :

a temporary visit to a place within the soul to uncover deeper revelations, find greater fulfillment, get unstuck, and step into a more fulfilling life

  • Are you tired of traveling around the same mountains in life, feeling like you're getting nowhere?

  • Do you feel stuck or at a plateau?

  • Do you want to level-up in life?

  • Are you ready to tackle past pain and regret, and step into a more confident and empowered YOU?

  • Do you want to put the past permanently behind you?

  • Do you want to experience more joy and happiness?

  • Do you want BREAKTHROUGH?

  • Lastly, do you like gifts and new experiences?

If you answered "yes" for any of these questions,

 S O U L J O U R N  is for you!

What is S O U L J O U R N ?

I thought you'd never ask! Souljourn is a 15-day experiential and transformational program where we travel to and through different life lessons each day. Some of the topics we cover are forgiveness, trust, identity, surrender, etc... Each day, you will receive an email from me containing videos, challenges, journal prompts, and a lot of surprises and rewards (you may even learn a few words in another language)! You will have access to chat with me along the journey, so I can personally cheer you on, and hold you accountable when necessary. Personal growth is so much easier when you do it with someone else, isn't it? Well, I'm excited to be your "someone."

$47 program registration!

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S O U L J O U R N E R, and let's do this!