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In short, I love life, love what I do, and always find a way to do it while having fun!

I get to work with people who are ready to uncage their truest self-expression, and step into their God-given purpose. People who are tired of living the status quo, tired of watching other people's lives with envy, and want to shake things up and start living by DESIGN, NOT by DEFAULT. These people know that there is not only more to their life, but there is more to THEM. People who are ready to make a major shift and do The Work.

And get this - The Work can actually be fun! There's nothing that says the breakthroughs ALWAYS have to follow a BREAKDOWN!

If you are feeling the tug on your heart to make a change, disrupt your routine, shatter limiting beliefs, heal past trauma, and discover what you're made for, I would love to chat further and see if we vibe.

I get it, and I've been there. I've experience a great deal of trauma, made buckloads of major mistakes, and have had seasons of feeling lost, "not me," and desperate for things to be different. I was the victim, the rebel, the over-committer, the not-enouger, and so much more.

The journey has squeezed me so tight to the point of wondering whether I'd survive. But here I am - alive, thriving, and would love nothing more to help guide you on your own journey to healing, growth, self-expression, and ultimately to see you step into your gifts and purpose. We do this through meaningful conversations, breathwork, play, and immersive and disruptive retreats!

I am here to fully see you, hear you, and feel you.

If you are feeling called to step into something new, reach out here, and let's have a meaningful conversation!

Love Always, Always Love,

Kimberly Faith

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