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Kimberly Faith prides herself on being the UNbrand, and blazes her own trail by way of a playful life experience. As a graduate from the School of Mistakes and Tragedies, Kimberly Faith has been able to connect the dots between her experiences and her purpose. She challenges societal norms and trends, and inspires her audiences to look within and challenge their own personal limitations and step out into their fullest self-expression in a fun, yet powerful way. All while fostering an environment of unity and safety. Her talks are designed to take each audience member to new places within their mind and heart, resulting in deeper transformation and ultimately - greater joy and fulfillment.

Interested in Having Kimberly Speak?


"Kimberly Faith is a “play ambassador.” In her high energy, playful presentation (pun intended) Kimberly will show you why we all need to play more; how play is integral to all business and personal success; how play heals emotional and physical wounds; and why Dr Stuart Brown says, “The opposite of play is not work; the opposite of play is depression.”

Now, before you start conjuring up notions of juvenile irresponsibility, understand that “play” is and always has been integral to all real business success. It is shown in literally every study on the matter that people who do not make enough time to enjoy, to do fun things purely because they’re fun - to play - have more and greater health problems, higher absenteeism, greater challenges with depression, are a greater burden on teams, require more time for recovery, have lower morale, lower productivity, and are on the whole not as creative as those who do. Oh, and they don’t live as long. There’s that.

One highlight is when Kimberly shares a very emotional story of an evil tragedy inflicted upon her, and how play not only healed her but allowed her to forgive and recover completely. She practices what she preaches and this message is in her soul. You will learn real applications, action steps that harken back to your childhood games, but all with real-world, profitable results.

Kimberly Faith is an expert on play for adults, the benefits of play in every area of business and life, and a master at showing you and your teams how to make simple mindset changes and incorporate intentional fun activities to supercharge both business and personal success. This is not just a message Kimberly teaches to audiences here and abroad, it’s a message she lives. And… if you’re watching closely and participating, she’ll have you playing along during her presentation.

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