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One beautiful facet of group breathwork is the ability create a safe container for expression, bonding, and healing amongst participants, as well as melt away any walls that may divide. Let's chat about how we can craft and curate a custom teambuilding breathwork experience for your entire office!

Group Therapy


Not everyone is at a place where they are ready to expose all of their deepest feelings in a group setting, and THAT'S OK if that's you! I'd love to work with you privately, both in person or virtually to guide you through a custom experience, designed for your specific needs or areas of concern.

Get in Touch about Private Sessions
Image by Giang Vu


Perhaps you'd like to dig deeper and explore and uncover your truest self, but breathwork isn't for you. No worries! We can work one-on-one, both in-person and virtually, to help you both unearth your self-expression, as well as heal and past hurts or trauma. Let's talk and see if we vibe!

Hair in Wind
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