about kimberly

Ever since Kimberly Faith placed the words “inspire billions” on her bucket list in 2012, she’s been on a mission to accomplish just that.

While she didn’t realize at the time, this mission would involve speaking to audiences across the world, she’s allowed life to pull her in that direction. After surviving a tornado of ups and down in life: including drugs, abusive relationships, rape, relocation and multiple robberies, she realized that she has a story to tell and lives to touch.

After she gave her first speech to a room of 8, she uncovered a burning desire for speaking. She has coupled her speaking with her story, and won’t let anyone stop her from her God-given calling to move, touch and inspire billions.

The core of her programs are summed up by her middle name – Faith. Moving Forward in Faith not only inspires, but challenges and equips audiences to push forward through their own difficulties, while supporting others in their community.

Kimberly Faith loves to have fun, and boredom is her nemesis, so you will be thoroughly engaged and entertained in her interactive presentations. Who says learning can’t be fun?

When she’s not in her town of Las Vegas, you can find her hiking deep in the trenches of National Parks with her chiweenie Peanut by her side.

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