Have you experienced any of the below:

  • Fear of speaking up because you have a young voice?

  • Difficulty being understood because of an international accent?

  • Inability to increase volume to project your voice so all can hear?

  • Too high-pitch of a voice?

  • Too low of a voice?

  • Sounding monotone?

  • Been judged based off the accent of the region you come from (i.e. NY accent, southern accent, etc…)

  • Difficulty engaging your audiences during a presentation?

  • A shaky voice due to nervousness or anxiety?

  • A nasal sounding voice?


The great news is – ALL of the above problems can be overcome with proper voice training!

Your voice is a powerful tool, that when used effectively, can increase sales, generate job offers and promotions, establish authority and improve your communication with others.

Not only that, but when you learn to properly train your voice, your confidence improves, you stand taller, and start to position yourself like the leader you are – from the inside out!

Here are some of the other benefits of voice training:

  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Become a better storyteller and conversationalist – learn how to have people hang on your every word!

  • Harness and embrace the power of the voice inside you

  • Learn how to release tension

  • Learn breathing techniques that will support a more dynamic voice

  • Greater leadership skills

  • Be taken more seriously

  • Overcome the habit of speaking too fast or too slow

  • Increased influence and impact

  • Learn proper projection techniques allowing you to speak at the right volume regardless of the audience or room size

  • Increased energy and empowerment

  • Learn proper pronunciation and enunciation

  • Overcome international accent insecurities – learn to be understood

  • Learn to deliver more polished presentations

  • Overcome anxiety and combat nervousness before speaking

  • Develop a wider range and more expressive sound to add dimension to your presentations

  • Speak with less error

  • Speak with more clarity

  • Develop character voices for storytelling aspects of your presentations

  • Develop a richer voice that demands respect and establishes authority

  • A happier, stronger YOU

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